I do not call myself a republican or a democrat nor a conservative or a liberal. I think that anyone that specifically has to fall into one and only one category is doing it more for the feeling of a community then for actual opinion. However I do lean more towards conservative objectives on social issues (Its not easy being a new yorker). Here are my realistic views of political hypocrites and their agendas.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LIFE - only for the wealthy.

Below is a very disturbing article published by the LA times


Between 2000-2004 Four Japanese mobsters got liver transplants at UCLA Medical Center.

These people are:
-non US citizens

Fox news was discussing this story and said something to the effect of that it is legal for upto 5% of non residents to receive transplants.

Hundreds of law abiding people - parents, children, siblings DIED in LA during that time period because they could not afford to donate money to UCLA to get a liver transplant.

I was discussing universal healthcare with a friend yesterday who is totally against it (I have mixed views). Her argument was basically all financial (which makes sense), however is this really better? Is the healthcare of capitalism really better?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

republican fear factor -sad!

So I was thinking about a topic to write about to show that I am not trying to make this a one topic blog (obviously the anti B.O blog). So I was considering blogging about Michael Savage, and how though he is a hero to most conservatives yet I think he is a phony (God willing, I will post about that in the future)...BUT THANK YOU LORD, I found what just totally irked me from the other side of the agenda.

My husband got a letter in the mail today that he was so proud of. The letter was from the RNC (republican national committee) stating they had chosen him to represent area republicans. I say the following with a touch of irony at my husbands’ oft-shown naiveté. My husband said "Wow so I get to represent the 5 republicans that live in this area (we are in the city of NY - few registered republican here)" So I asked him if this is junk mail and if he wants me to toss it and he seriously and proudly said "No. I will send this in to represent my issues as a republican." Oh how I look back at him saying this and smile.

So I took a look at this questionnaire that they sent him - and I will quote a few questions

- Do you agree that we must stop illegal immigration? Yes No Maybe
- Should republicans fight for a balanced budget? Yes No Maybe
Should we do everything we can to stop Democrats from weakening border security? Yes No Maybe

(For the whole survey, see: http://www.nukefreezone.net/archives/000384.html)

But I noticed at the bottom of this survey it says:
Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?

  • Yes, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of:
    • $500
    • $250
    • $100**
    • $50
    • $25
    • Other $_______
      **A gift in this amount pays to mail 250 more CENSUS DOCUMENTS to registered Republicans.
  • Yes, I support the RNC, but I am unable to participate at this time. However, I have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of tabulating this survey.
  • No, I favor electing liberal Democrats over the next ten years.
I am totally shocked, appalled and disappointed that I am being bullied to donate money to the NRC.

From a psychological point of view - they just asked me 20 questions about safety, morality, and security which I felt proud of answering, and now they tell me that if I don’t write them a check I am betraying the safety, morality and security of this county. Shame on you NRC for being a big bully. Shame on republican political figures to allow this sort of fear technique to raise funds. I am as of this moment a disappointed party member.