I do not call myself a republican or a democrat nor a conservative or a liberal. I think that anyone that specifically has to fall into one and only one category is doing it more for the feeling of a community then for actual opinion. However I do lean more towards conservative objectives on social issues (Its not easy being a new yorker). Here are my realistic views of political hypocrites and their agendas.

Friday, July 25, 2008

If you came here in chains, would YOU love America?

So..CNN ran an interesting series on Black in America. I watched for a few minutes, and here is what I saw....

Spike Lee (successful producer) claiming that he doesn't get funding for films easily because he is black. -Not because he only made one movie that grossed over one hundred million.

Some people saying that raps violent and misogynistic image is the cause of top rap executives who want to keep black Americans "down". –Not because this is what people buy and its really about money.

Spike Lee saying that the image of criminal black men and white men in the media is disproportionate. – not that the reason the media shows more black men in jail is because THEIR ARE MORE BLACK MEN IN JAIL.

And, Some black professor saying how black people aren’t given a fair chance.

-click, change channel

Anyway, I was thinking about why exactly I love this country and that I feel every American should love their country. But wait...should black people love America? America, the place that kidnapped them and brought them here in horrendous conditions and treated them like animals for so many years? No. Black people do not have to love America. My family came here is search of a better future. Black people were forced here to be laborers. This is a very big difference between the immigrant mentality and the ex slave mentality and rightfully so.

The solution?
What can America do for all immigrants, not just ex Africans, (if there is another group - then for them also) to come to terms with their situation and make reparations of sorts?

American economists should develop a number that the average African earned in his life time as a slave. Economists should deduce exactly what America owes for all black decedents of slaves (with inflation of course). Next economists should deduct all welfare and social programs paid to African Americans since then and use whatever number left (if there is any number left) and divide it accordingly. But here is the glitch. African Americans who HATE and do not appreciate this country should be given their reparation with a plane ticket back to Africa. After all, they never asked to be here. So if they want to go back, we as Americans, who did bad things to them, should help.

On a personal level...I hope most Africans will not opt to go to mother Africa and choose to stay here. They bring music, comedy, culture and it would be a shame to lose them all. But for those that can’t appreciate what America offers them today. Today, when they are achieving levels of Democratic nominee for president, secretary of state, chief justice, etc. Then get out. What are their African counterparts who were "lucky" and didn't get kidnapped achieving?

Seriously, I am all anti social and racial injustice; however people stop playing the victim card. I mean you guys have affirmative action. Bravo, go to schools and get an education. There is nothing stopping you except yourself. In NY, poverty is not an excuse to not go to college (says the non-graduate) CUNY colleges are good and good for poor people. Go to a CUNY.