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I do not call myself a republican or a democrat nor a conservative or a liberal. I think that anyone that specifically has to fall into one and only one category is doing it more for the feeling of a community then for actual opinion. However I do lean more towards conservative objectives on social issues (Its not easy being a new yorker). Here are my realistic views of political hypocrites and their agendas.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"You're making me not wanna vote"

I have a democrat friend. I know her since we are six and she is a democrat. I think that she doesn’t know why she is a democrat, but never the less she is one. She asked me a few days ago if I believe in evolution. She asked it in the context of a republican vs. democrat argument, and then simply asked “do you believe in evolution?” I said no. Then I got to thinking.

I have read very little on the topic of evolution but from what I have read, I understand that there are gaps in the fossil record. As a person who believes in an omnipotent creator and in the validity of the old testament – I do not believe in evolution. She does believe in “a God”, I guess she believes that God created evolution. I don’t know, our discussion was not that deep.

This friend and I were in the same class from 3-8th grade and yet we turned out very different. Is it I who changed so dramatically from my “proud to be an American” roots? Or was it her proud immigrant status that she ditched to become a tree hugger?

It got me to thinking about my pre-pubescent education, at least what I remember about it.

I remember:

3 grade – I was taught that white people are racist. Black people were mistreated in America but then Martin Luther King Jr. was born and taught the white man not to be racist.

I remember coming home and telling my older sister (I was 8, she was 18) that white people are disgusting and racist. My sister informed me that there are some black racists as well. I was never so shocked in my life.

I read books sometimes where people discuss things from there youth and think ‘there is no way they remember that conversation’, but I lucidly recall this conversation as I truly believe it changed my outlook on so many thinks.

4 grade – I was taught in ancient history that people used to be pagans. Paganism means you can believe in more then one god. People back then were a lot more understanding and open minded then people today. It was the equivalent (as per my teacher) of wearing a “cross and a star of David on the same necklace”.

4 grade – My Jewish teacher made a class “holiday” party in December

5 grade – My Italian (I guess Catholic) teacher made a class Christmas party.

7 grade – Reading the Monkey Trial as a class. A story about the backwards bible wielding crusaders tried to prevent a teacher from teaching evolution. I will never forget that in that book I learned the argument of ‘how could God have created the world in 7 days when the sun didn’t exist till day 3’.

8 grade – Israel and Palestine do in fact co-exists. I don’t remember the exact context of this great insight, but I have my year book to prove this.

In any case I now realize that it was not my friend who left the fold of her youth. It was me, and I am forever proud and grateful that I have had teachers beyond that point in my life that taught me that endless giving is not necessarily good and that having a gun is not necessarily bad. It’s quite upside down.

In the end – After a heated discussion ranging from Roe V. Wade to partial birth abortions, I told my friend that I do not in fact believe in evolution and asked if she is pro her tax dollars going to welfare? She said “I am pro some social programs” I told her that that was not my questions and asked again if she was pro welfare, when she said “You know, you're making me not wanna vote”. I said that with her, that’s the best I can hope for :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

If you came here in chains, would YOU love America?

So..CNN ran an interesting series on Black in America. I watched for a few minutes, and here is what I saw....

Spike Lee (successful producer) claiming that he doesn't get funding for films easily because he is black. -Not because he only made one movie that grossed over one hundred million.

Some people saying that raps violent and misogynistic image is the cause of top rap executives who want to keep black Americans "down". –Not because this is what people buy and its really about money.

Spike Lee saying that the image of criminal black men and white men in the media is disproportionate. – not that the reason the media shows more black men in jail is because THEIR ARE MORE BLACK MEN IN JAIL.

And, Some black professor saying how black people aren’t given a fair chance.

-click, change channel

Anyway, I was thinking about why exactly I love this country and that I feel every American should love their country. But wait...should black people love America? America, the place that kidnapped them and brought them here in horrendous conditions and treated them like animals for so many years? No. Black people do not have to love America. My family came here is search of a better future. Black people were forced here to be laborers. This is a very big difference between the immigrant mentality and the ex slave mentality and rightfully so.

The solution?
What can America do for all immigrants, not just ex Africans, (if there is another group - then for them also) to come to terms with their situation and make reparations of sorts?

American economists should develop a number that the average African earned in his life time as a slave. Economists should deduce exactly what America owes for all black decedents of slaves (with inflation of course). Next economists should deduct all welfare and social programs paid to African Americans since then and use whatever number left (if there is any number left) and divide it accordingly. But here is the glitch. African Americans who HATE and do not appreciate this country should be given their reparation with a plane ticket back to Africa. After all, they never asked to be here. So if they want to go back, we as Americans, who did bad things to them, should help.

On a personal level...I hope most Africans will not opt to go to mother Africa and choose to stay here. They bring music, comedy, culture and it would be a shame to lose them all. But for those that can’t appreciate what America offers them today. Today, when they are achieving levels of Democratic nominee for president, secretary of state, chief justice, etc. Then get out. What are their African counterparts who were "lucky" and didn't get kidnapped achieving?

Seriously, I am all anti social and racial injustice; however people stop playing the victim card. I mean you guys have affirmative action. Bravo, go to schools and get an education. There is nothing stopping you except yourself. In NY, poverty is not an excuse to not go to college (says the non-graduate) CUNY colleges are good and good for poor people. Go to a CUNY.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LIFE - only for the wealthy.

Below is a very disturbing article published by the LA times

Between 2000-2004 Four Japanese mobsters got liver transplants at UCLA Medical Center.

These people are:
-non US citizens

Fox news was discussing this story and said something to the effect of that it is legal for upto 5% of non residents to receive transplants.

Hundreds of law abiding people - parents, children, siblings DIED in LA during that time period because they could not afford to donate money to UCLA to get a liver transplant.

I was discussing universal healthcare with a friend yesterday who is totally against it (I have mixed views). Her argument was basically all financial (which makes sense), however is this really better? Is the healthcare of capitalism really better?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

republican fear factor -sad!

So I was thinking about a topic to write about to show that I am not trying to make this a one topic blog (obviously the anti B.O blog). So I was considering blogging about Michael Savage, and how though he is a hero to most conservatives yet I think he is a phony (God willing, I will post about that in the future)...BUT THANK YOU LORD, I found what just totally irked me from the other side of the agenda.

My husband got a letter in the mail today that he was so proud of. The letter was from the RNC (republican national committee) stating they had chosen him to represent area republicans. I say the following with a touch of irony at my husbands’ oft-shown naiveté. My husband said "Wow so I get to represent the 5 republicans that live in this area (we are in the city of NY - few registered republican here)" So I asked him if this is junk mail and if he wants me to toss it and he seriously and proudly said "No. I will send this in to represent my issues as a republican." Oh how I look back at him saying this and smile.

So I took a look at this questionnaire that they sent him - and I will quote a few questions

- Do you agree that we must stop illegal immigration? Yes No Maybe
- Should republicans fight for a balanced budget? Yes No Maybe
Should we do everything we can to stop Democrats from weakening border security? Yes No Maybe

(For the whole survey, see:

But I noticed at the bottom of this survey it says:
Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?

  • Yes, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of:
    • $500
    • $250
    • $100**
    • $50
    • $25
    • Other $_______
      **A gift in this amount pays to mail 250 more CENSUS DOCUMENTS to registered Republicans.
  • Yes, I support the RNC, but I am unable to participate at this time. However, I have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of tabulating this survey.
  • No, I favor electing liberal Democrats over the next ten years.
I am totally shocked, appalled and disappointed that I am being bullied to donate money to the NRC.

From a psychological point of view - they just asked me 20 questions about safety, morality, and security which I felt proud of answering, and now they tell me that if I don’t write them a check I am betraying the safety, morality and security of this county. Shame on you NRC for being a big bully. Shame on republican political figures to allow this sort of fear technique to raise funds. I am as of this moment a disappointed party member.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A rose in any other name would NOT smell just as sweet.

A family friend and I were discussing reasons NOT to be Obama supporters. And one of the reasons that I said was that his middle name is Hussein. My friend whom I respect greatly and who is a very smart, successful business man said that my statement is absolutely absurd. My argument was that - your name says a lot about you. I have a 5 year old son into whom I am currently placing ideals and values that I, as his parent, view as correct. With that said, when my husband and I chose a name for him, I chose a name from my religion representing what I feel is good, just and moral. Barack Obamas father, who gave him the name of Hussein I am sure did the same thing. That is all good and dandy for Barack and his father. However that is not good for me as that type of name conjures up an image of an entity that is bent on my destruction (Both as a Jew and as an American).

In the end, my friend and I totally disagreed on the name issue, but lucky for us we had plenty of other reasons to be anti Obama with which we were in mutual agreement.

But really...what’s in a name? Would I vote consider Barack for president if his name wasn't Barack Obama? Yes, I would.

When B.O was asked regarding Hamas’ endorsement, he said: "It's conceivable that there are those in the Arab world who say to themselves, 'This is a guy who spent some time in the Muslim world, has a middle name of Hussein and appears more worldly and has called for talks with people, and so he's not going to be engaging in the same sort of cowboy diplomacy as George Bush,'"

For Barack Obama who previously publicly said that (these) notions (like the one he said above) are false to come out and acknowledge that there is a claim to him being endorsed by hamas shows a lightening of sensitivities and sensibilities towards (and lets just call is what it is) terrorism.

If B.O's name wasnt Barack Hussein Obama he would not be who he is - and that is why I would consider voting for him.

If you do not know this yet - Barack Obama did not grow up being called Barack

He grew up being called Barry for the first (approximately) 20 years of his life. In college he felt uncomfortable for whatever reason being seen as a Barry and asked his family and peers to call him instead by his Muslim-African name Barack (It should be noted that the name Barack has Jewish roots as well, but I doubt that was the senior Obama’s intentions). As I stated earlier I am currently trying to instill in my 5 year old morals and values that are most dear to ME (and unlike the Husseins of this world, I do NOT teach my son that I don’t like the Husseins of the world, my son can choose who to like and dislike by himself) I am often asked how I would feel if my son chose to live a different life then the path that I am planning for him. My response is always the same: At a certain point, no matter what dreams, hopes or aspirations who may have for your child they will decide on their own the path that they will choose to take. I understand it, respect it, and acknowledge this fact of life. Barack Obama at this formative time in his life decided to go back to his "roots" and be called by his real name Barack. My concern is not that he went BACK to his real name; my concern is why he felt so uncomfortable in his skin that being Barry just didn’t sit right with him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Misguided attempt to....

I love this story, it's an oldie but a goodie.

The Agenda:
French aid workers went on a mission to rescue Darfurian orphans.

The Result:
What wound up happening is that the aid workers went to Chad (Country that borders Darfur) and for whatever reason never reached Darfur. instead they claimed they found Darfurian children in Chad and rescued (think: kidnapped) dozens of Chadian orphans (think: have one or both parents).

If this isn't a misguided liberal agenda then I don't know what is.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Jewish Conspiracy

I drive a large part of my day, which is arguably my most favorite part (even though I always rush to get it over with) because I get to relax and listen to whatever I want on the radio (As I otherwise am forced to listed to Curious George CD’s by my son or techno music by my husband) I usually listen to a mix of Z100’s morning zoo, CNN and Fox (thank you husband for satellite radio).

So today I happened to have been listening to CNN when a “CNN breaking news” story came out. Those always make me happy.

Today the story was about the Obama camp getting mighty peeved with President Bush regarding something he supposedly said in Israel about Barack Obama (but without actually saying Barack Obama, instead saying “some" people).

Going back a little, here is what PB (President Bush) did say:

"Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along…We have heard this foolish delusion before …As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history."

If you go on CNN now (11:53) on Thursday, May 15, 2008 news is swarming of this, and they already had numerous guests come out and say that this is wrong and unjust for PB to unfairly attack B.O.

Here is where this doesn’t make any sense for me.

1. He didn’t refer directly to B.O. More then one disillusioned fool has shared B.O’s view on this. (As B.O’s perpetrators, I mean fellow democrats, are quick to point to PB’s defense secretary saying something, that when you misquote it, can be construed as similar.)

2. Obviously this is B.O’s view. Since this is obviously your view, why get upset?

In all seriousness, Barack Obama does not share most of his views on politics and the world. His speeches are inspiring, but in essence empty. The one (of very few) things B.O has made clear is that his response on the Iran problem would be one of “discussions” (and yes, appeasement – removing trade sanctions, etc).

This probably wont be the only reference to Barack's policies and the history involving Hitler in the same context. The two of them have one very important thing in common, both of them have expressed (though, giving credit to Barack, B.O's policies are less distasteful) their anti-Jewish agenda (read the first post for B.O's anti-Jewish agenda) before actually becoming national leaders. Another very important similarity is that even with B.O's policies out in the open, Jews are still voting for him en mass. Where is this Jewish conspiracy that I hear so much about?

Jewish people, invite me in to your secret meetings so we can talk and not have history repeat itself again!